Even as your own weight insists you are here, fighting off the weight of nonexistence
megaphone, spray paint, 12"x12" white acoustic foam panel, audio cable, Raspberry Pi, custom software, sound, Twitter feed

Excerpting lines of poetry from Claudia Rankine’s Citizen as the title, this piece uses a live stream of tweets to activate the sound of a microphone attachment on a megaphone. Covered in spray paint and positioned into a panel of white acoustic foam, the megaphone is supported by the infrastructure that silences it. Through a complicated gesture commenting on the mediation of protest, this work questions the tools we choose to employ as part of strategies for social transformation. With the sound of the microphone click evoking the sound of a gunshot, in addition to its shape evoking a gun, I wonder to what extent the megaphone – a symbol of protest and social justice – replicates the tools/weapons of law enforcement. By instantiating the moment preceding a speech act as a tweet meant for a broader public (via the microphone click), I also question how effective the structures of social media are when a stream of constant, agent-less information is rendered as noise in (cyber)space.