from nothing, a process of making
55 minute program with three different works

from nothing, a process of making is a body of works forged from collaboration and exchange in a program that explores the material of the breath. Through these new works with artist/filmmaker Soheila Azadi, composer/artist Jason Charney, and composer/performer Jenna Lyle, these pieces for one or multiple performers extend the breath as a form of embedded exchange that foregrounds process as a method for working. Merely audible, yet immediately intimate, the sound of the breath becomes a way that enables strategies to open different situations of proximity and relation. Presence is being reestablished in its hearing, and in that hearing, we can begin to materialize the ongoing process of being, of becoming, and of sustaining.

Bridging you - w/ Soheila Azadi
for two performers, garment, and stereo sound

flesh of your mirrors - w/ Jason Charney
for two performers, televisions, custom electronics, custom software, and four channel audio

For night’s swift dragons cut the clouds full fast - w/ Jenna Lyle
for one performer, clarinet, LED strip lights, and mylar

First performed 18 Nov 2017 at DFBR8R in Chicago.

video documentation forthcoming
curatorial statement accessible here