Screen test
television with video and sound (4:15 min)

Streaming a series of texts culled from interviews and conversations with other multiracial individuals, this installation draws on Adrian Piper’s work “Cornered” as well as the Hollywood term for a type of audition. While Piper’s work addresses white Americans’ probability of being black by Southern states’ standards, or their inherent mixed-ness, I wanted to address the current experiences of mixed race people within the frame of an internalized audition or performance. Using text on a television facing towards the corner of the gallery, viewers must position themselves into the corner to read the texts on the screen. As they corner themselves to view the texts (all the while gradients of brown alter the white walls of the space), the subtle, yet pointed text illuminates the impact of being cornered physically: Better safe than sorry. I’ve never heard that before. You’ll make beautiful babies. I can sort of see that. It must be hard to choose.