artist statement

As an artist and musician, my work emerges from the breath, the voice, and the processes that enable them as ways to contemplate themes of belonging and affinity. In considering alternative forms of being rooted in institutional critique, decolonizing methodologies, and queer of color positionings, my work is embedded with sonic affectations of the body that enable a vast deployment of material and conceptual actualizations. Primarily working from a conceptual space of audition, the hearing of corporeal phenomena, as well as materials that gesture to or enable such a hearing offer the ability to link the body to the ways it has been mediated via technology and other modes of representation. Working between two arms of research that highlight systems of mediation, my work looks to the historical foundations of the Archive as a colonial system of organization, difference, and Otherness as well as the techno/ethno-future that speculates new formulations of being that are ontologically deviant from normative constructions of historically marginalized bodies. In navigating how the body and its mediations are represented, signified, and articulated through history and how they might enable different futures, my work begins to reveal the constructions of difference that have been built and codified into the network of social, political, and personal spaces we inhabit.