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Idle Hands - New Adventures In Metaphysical Arbitrage: 100 Years of the Readymade

  • PIlot+Projects 1719 North 5th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

Pilot Projects is pleased to announce IDLE HANDS - Further Adventures in Metaphysical Arbitrage : 100 Years of the Readymade, a project co-organized with Chicago-based artist and curator Brandon Alvendia. An alternative take on the 100th anniversary of Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, IDLE HANDS highlights the work of dozens of local and national artists in an open-call exhibition and readymade competition. The event on September 9th will have the dual function of opening reception and awards ceremony. Cash, trophies, and other prizes will be awarded to artists selected by a panel of judges including: Erica Battle (PMA), Blake Bradford (Lincoln/Barnes), Kate Kraczon (ICA), and viewers like you!

According to the well-worn mythical origins of Fountain, wherein Duchamp placed a store-bought porcelain urinal on its side, signed R.Mutt, and secretly submitted as a joke or provocation to an all-inclusive exhibition at the then newly formed Society of Independent Artists in New York. Upon rejection from exhibition, the work spawned controversy over the nature of authorship, craft versus concept, and the retinal versus cerebral nature of creativity that still remains unresolved. The complex history of this event includes the very real possibility that Duchamp took sole-authorship over a female collaborator’s work, the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, as well as the ironic and strangely parodic commissioning of Fountain replicas in the 1960s. Further interventions have included artists such as Kendell Geers and Brian Eno attempting to urinate into the sculpture. Nevertheless, the story and the conceptual foundations of the readymade persist through a century of art production and reception, dramatizing the implicit and explicit institutional and personal hierarchies at play. This project re-engages the legacy of the readymade tradition as a subversive gesture by examining the often contradictory positions art can take in relation to labor, capital, commodification, craft, fabrication, humor, satire, critique, and the market.

Exhibiting Artists include: Alejandro T. Acierto, Jose Valdes Bartroli, Timothy Belknap, Eric Anthony Berdis, Blind Boy Grunt, James Cailean Bonney, Eric Broz, Stephanie Bursese, Matthew Carrieri, Thomas Choinacky, Kate Clements, Lewis Colburn, Meredith Collins, Alex Conner, Evan Dawson, Stephan Dobosh, Daria Dorosh, Susannah Dotson, John Emison, Adam Farcus, FLIPdd, Kelly A Flynn, Ben Foch, Adam Franklin, Leah Gallant, Matt Giel, Zak Hall, Michelle Harris, Nell Hendricks, Sarah Kinney, Sharon Koelblinger, Lizzy Lubitsky, M.B.B., Jesse Malmed, Christine Mcdonald, Christopher Meerdo, Morgan Nitz, Dade Orphan, Ahmed Ozsever, Caitlin Ryan, Emily Rothstein, Bowen Schmitt, Elizabeth Shores, Natalia Slattery, Shane Allan Smith, Jason Lee Starin, Tezozomoc, Miriam Thompson, Kasey Toomey, S. Valentine, Cristhian Varela, Miles Warner, Gee Wesley, Leon Wen Xu, Marc Yearsley, Philip von Zweck, & C.T. Zwiers.