you, the murmur in the air
repurposed found plywood, painted megaphone

Serving as both a platform for a performance of Cavities (V) during the opening event and as a proposition to the viewer, this work stages the possibility for the public to utilize the platform as a soapbox for their own (political) agenda or use. With the tools to propel their ideas – a platform to stand upon and a powered-on megaphone – viewers are allowed (and encouraged) to engage with the piece as they see fit. But as a complicated gesture of political agency, particularly as it is situated within the back corner of a gallery, this work also questions its own position as to whom is able to hear such appeals. Strategically placed furthest away from “public space”, this work asks to what extent ideas become present when they are merely heard as murmurs behind glass enclosures merely meant for the gaze of consumers. Metaphorically, the work also operates to position objects seen and not heard, or, as subjects who may never be heard outside of the infrastructures that confine them.